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When you made the decision to bring a pet dog into your home, you made an unspoken commitment to care for it and make it the best companion it can be. We believe that part of this commitment includes proper training. At Underdog K-9 Academy LLC of Cincinnati, OH, we are happy to provide dog obedience training to owners in the area.

We will help you teach your dog a variety of behaviors, including:

• Basic Commands—We teach the commands that most people associate with dog obedience training. Sit, down, stay, and come are what many owners expect their dogs to know. We will teach you how to teach your dog the basics.

• Poor Manners—It is not enjoyable living with a dog that has poor manners. Whether your dog is surfing the counters, jumping on guests, or barking incessantly, we can help you cure your dog of these bad manners.

• Behavioral Issues—Shy dogs, fearful dogs, and aggressive dogs are no problem for our dog obedience training program! We work with the most difficult dogs, and we help owners help their pets overcome these behavioral obstacles.

• Learning—Just like humans, the more dogs learn, the more they are able to learn. By enrolling in a dog obedience training course, you are not only teaching your dog commands, but you are teaching it how to learn. What a great gift to give your canine companion!

When you need dog obedience training for your pet, no matter what you hope to learn, give Underdog K-9 Academy LLC in Cincinnati, OH a call! We are here to help you and your dog in any way we can!

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